Currently all orders being placed will be delivered for Mother's Day weekend, Saturday 5/7



Delivery is available within 10 miles of Philadelphia (19103) (excluding NJ) and typically takes places Saturday mornings. You will receive an email Friday night with details. We will not leave your order at your door step unless specifically requested.  

Pickup is available at Bacchus Catering in Rittenhouse, and can be arranged in Old City as well.

If you need delivery on a different day, please send an email to


Know that caviar will stay fresh in the fridge for up to 2 weeks (unopened), so unless your order is a gift there is no need to have it delivered on the exact day that you plan to enjoy it.


Unopened: 3 weeks. Once opened, you should enjoy within 3 days. Please refrigerate immediately upon receipt, and store in the coldest section of your fridge.